Light Blue and Sharp

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Preparing for Christmas

Here we are at the Albuquerque District Christmas Party.
Nora is helping to put up adn decorate our Christmas Tree. She especially liked the beads and the lights, though got tangled up in them both!

Nora's new ornament this year was a small See and Say. It became her favorite to pull off of the tree everyday!
Can someone please help me to pull this string?!
Just tooling around Santa Fe one afternoon...

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Thanksgiving (trip 3): Ft. Cobb Farm

I made my first trip to Ft. Cobb and the farm, too. Here we are having lunch at the old Wahoo. My great Grandma and I found out I really like corn dogs. This store is apparently next door to what was my Great Great Grandma Ma's house...

Here cousin Andrew and I are getting to know the surrounding tiles and toys.
Boy having great grandparents that live on a farm is quite different than at my home!
We got to go CHECK COWS! Those things are REALLY BIG and close to the car. I got to ride in the big truck and even get in the front seat while we bounced all over the pasture. I thought my mom and aunt Christy were going to bounce right out of their seats when Andrew and I got in the front. MOOOOO!
Again, I need a nap from all of the excitement of course! But then when we got back to the house, I got cookies from great grandpa - I really do live those little sugar rushes!

Thanksgiving (trip 2): Papa's House

At my Papa and Nana's hosue I got to meet another Great Grandpa and see my other Great Grandma along with that whole side of the family! There sure are a lot of aunts, uncles and cousins I met that day! Again, some great food and fun playing with my cousins.

I got cookies and pie and all sorts of goodies when my mommy and daddy weren't looking! Keep it up and I will smile or laugh or whatever it takes for another bite!

Of course we watched the OSU game at my Aunt Christy's and Uncle Steve's house and everyone wore their orange for the occasion.

Guess what I did all by myself? I got to color! I love these little stick of bright fun! And I even can sit at the desk like a big person. Watch me go with these things - they taste good too!
Another few days of pure excitement and Papa and I are pretty worn out. I think I gave him a run for his money when he and I spent this afternoon alone together!

Thanksgiving (Trip 2): Abuelita's House

My mommy and Aunt Christy were crazy to try to get my cousins and me to have a picture taken. Mostly my Abuelita got to play with all three of us together!

I found this great tub of toys at Abuelita's house and I just got right in the middle of them all!

Whew! I think we all played really hard over the last several days. I got to see all of my whole family- great grandma, mommy's aunts, uncles and cousins and had some really good food! I even got to see Mommy's friend Sally and her fun kids. It sure was a house full!

Thanksgiving (Trip 1)

My Thanksgiving was filled with trips. For trip #1 Mommy and Daddy drove through the night from New Mexico while I slept and had nice little dreams. When I woke up we were in Oklahoma--but not for long. In the afternoon we got on an airplane and flew to Kansas City so that we could go to my Great Grandpa's funeral. I remember seeing him and he was fun and nice to me.
While in Missouri I got to see my cousins Lindy and Abby as well as Auntie Kathy, Aunt Amy, Barbara and Jerry, and both of my uncles, not to mention the man known as "Gash" and his lovely bride.

My Daddy's brothers are really weird.

I have a wonderful family that always makes me smile!

Friday, November 30, 2007

My second First Birthday Party

This time, the party was all for me! We had friends and family over for a little lunch, hanging out in the backyard, cake (which had my name on it!) and presents. I really liked all of the balloons - and so did the other kids. They played with them outside and inside and enjoyed running and hollering all over the place!

My Papa made me a little stool - just my size! Everyone helped me get into the packages and bags and played with all the great toys!

My cousins Sadie and Andrew gave me this big bear towel, but I think my Mommy likes it and I hope I get to use it too!
When I got tired at the end, I blew some kisses good-bye, asked to be picked up and left the room. Thanks for coming to my party everyone!